Smithers Rapra to attend EUPOC 2017


The title for this year’s EUPOC is: “Polymers and Additive Manufacturing: from fundamentals to applications”. The conference aims at showcasing various areas of additive manufacturing for polymer parts, e.g. experimental aspects, identification of technological bottlenecks, modelling of chemical and physical aspects of additive processes, material-related issues and part properties.

Although PREVIEW is a system mainly developed for injection moulding, it shares some similarities with fundamental 3D printing technologies where end-products are built using layer-by-layer deposition (i.e. fuse deposition modelling) of extruded polymer via a nozzle.

PREVIEW will be contributing to the conference’s poster session with two posters emphasising on the energy calculations using data acquired via cavity sensors, and a second entry describing PREVIEW’s core elements: the DAS, APS and wireless technology. The idea is to evaluate the feasibility of extrapolating any of these components into new manufacturing processes other than injection moulding, i.e. additive manufacturing.

Click below to view the PREVIEW posters.