PREVIEW Featured in EFFRA’S November Update

PREVIEW was incredibly proud to be included in EFFRA’s (European Factories of the Future Research Association) November update as part of the European Commission’s Governance Meeting of the European Platform of National Initiatives on Digitising Industry.

As part of this initiative, PREVIEW’s travels to the Smart Factory Expo in Liverpool on November 15th and 16th was chosen by EFFRA Chairman Maurizio Gattiglio as a chance for people to stay up-to-date with a project that is pushing advanced wireless technologies into the forefront of the injection moulding industry.

You can read the EFFRA November update on PREVIEW using the link below:

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It is encouraging for the PREVIEW team to be recognised for all the hard work they are putting in to completing the European Union funded project.

PREVIEW Proves a Triumph at Workshop

In an exclusive one-day workshop to mark the final stages of the project, manufacturing companies and trade organisations were given the chance to see first-hand the benefits of the PREVIEW system. Held on 23rd November at Promolding’s facilities in The Hague, The Netherlands, attendees enjoyed a day of gaining knowledge and discussing the wireless technological solution to injection moulding.

The partners of PREVIEW were able to extend their knowledge of the project on to a full capacity of attendees, from companies and universities across Europe within the industry. They enjoyed a number of items on the agenda, beginning with a presentation by Project Manager Jesús Pablo González Villodres, from consortium partner Eurecat on the general PREVIEW system. Attendees gained an overall view of how the system works and the process involved in creating the full system.

PREVIEW partner Promolding held the workshop at their facilities in The Hague, The Netherlands

Following on from this, four other presenters from the consortium discussed each sub-system in detail; the Data Acquisition System, Wireless Communications Network, Advanced Predictive System and Location Based Content Delivery. The Data Acquisition System and Location Based Content Delivery sub-systems were concluded with individual demonstrations on the factory floor, allowing attendees to witness their effectiveness in real-time.

Towards the end of the PREVIEW workshop, attendees were then asked for their feedback on PREVIEW. The project was received well, with positive comments from the attendees on a number of elements to the event. It was very encouraging for the PREVIEW team to see their efforts met with such enthusiasm.

Demonstrations took place to show attendees how the PREVIEW system works in real-time

This workshop was the final major event to be held for the PREVIEW project and holds distinct significance in its creation as a culmination of hard-work and technical engineering. It is hoped that with this workshop, potential customers have seen how the system would benefit their company and the environment.

PREVIEW, the European Union funded project is due to conclude on 31st December 2017 after three years.