ENGEL Symposium 2015

During the middle of June the ENGEL Symposium 2015 opened its door to demonstrate at its trade fair stand how machines and production cells can be leveraged to maximum extent thanks to intelligent components and networking.

The ENGEL large-size machine production plant was practically transformed into an injection moulding production facility for this event, where sophisticated components for the automotive, technical moulding, teletronics, packaging and medical industries were produced at new levels of product quality and with previously unseen efficiency.

The latest product was the ENGEL e-connect, a new customer application where injection moulding machines, robots and system solutions are linked via a network, providing a complete overview of the machine park at all times. Machine status, alarm lists, production volume, cycle times and other operating figures are transmitted in real time to a smart phone, allowing the person responsible for the process to immediately initiate corrective measures via the application, without having to be physically present on site. Similarly to ENGEL e-connect, PREVIEW will not only offer a robust wireless network delivering process information to the operator’s mobile device but also the ability to provide the information according to the position of the operator within the plant and his/her role and assigned tasks.

In addition to ENGEL e-connect, two more applications were presented: ENGEL e-calc for the configuration of injection moulding machines according to materials and components being produced and ENGEL plastyfine, the comprehensive image database that not only helps operators identify faults, but at the same time also describes the physical causes and possible technical processing solutions [1]. Like ENGEL e-calc and plastyfine, PREVIEW will also implement an advanced predictive system which in turn will allow for an early identification and characterisation of process deviations and faults.

It is clear that PREVIEW is at the forefront of the current and future challenges of the injection moulding industry and thanks to its flexibility, easy installation and performance will offer a middleware solution, not just for plastic injection manufacturing processes but for any manufacturing process requiring compact and universal data acquisition systems and cutting edge production control expert systems.

This pre-commercial technology which is both universal and greener, will aim to reduce mould set up time by 50%, reduce waste and energy consumption by 20% and increase productivity and flexibility by 30%.

[1] Engel, 2015. Press release [online]. Available from http://www.engelglobal.com/en/uk/news-press/news-press-releases/detail/news/detail/News/engel-symposium-2015-more-than-3000-guests-expected.html