Eurecat and Plastia Take PREVIEW to Barcelona

With 35,000 visitors attending, the Equiplast Fair in Barcelona was the perfect venue to showcase the PREVIEW system. Project partners Eurecat Centre Tecnològic de Catalunya and Plastia came together on 2-6 November at the Gran Via Centre, to display the innovative wireless technological solution for injection moulding optimisation and setup as part of a wider effort, the Barcelona Industry Week.

During the Equiplast Fair, PREVIEW secured interest from the thousands of attendees of the event and show promising results for potential clients of the project. A demonstration of PREVIEW was set up at the event, using the Location Based Content Delivery mobile app to display data just as the real-time system would do during operation.

Xavier Rubiralta Alcañiz, Director and Service Manager from Plastia reflects on the event’s significance for PREVIEW,

“At Equiplast we were able to implement a software within the Data Acquisition System (DAS) to simulate injection moulding runs, which allowed us to display real time some injection moulding curves (graphs) and thus showcase some of the functionalities/capabilities of the DAS and Advanced Predictive System (APS).”