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PREVIEW: Final Video

Watch PREVIEW’s final video on the wireless technological solution to control and optimise injection mooulding. Find out how PREVIEW can benefit the injection moulding industry!

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With the growing global demand of injection moulding in various fields such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household products etc., the necessity for developing a stable, self-sufficient, sustainable smart manufacturing process monitoring and optimisation system has become a first priority.

Current process monitoring and quality control mechanisms of the latest injection moulding machines are limited by the low level of quality control, high amount of material wastage and scraps, inability to predict produced part defects, failure of providing individual part manufacturing details and the absence of sensor based injection mould cavity temperature and pressure monitoring system.

PREVIEW, a European funded project, has developed a novel stand-alone solution to these limitations.

A cyber physical system for the entire monitoring, control and optimisation of the injection moulding process to increase the productivity and flexibility with less energy consumption, material wastage and production set-up time.

Watch this video on PREVIEW!

Want to know more about PREVIEW and how the system works? Click on the four sub-systems of the project below to find out more!

Data Acquisition System (DAS)

The DAS collects the mould and machine data that is sent wirelessly to a central server to be modelled and analysed. The process of data acquisition is triggered when the injection cycle starts until this ends or reaches the defined timeframe.

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Wireless Communications Network (WCN)

PREVIEW’s WCN offers a customizable alternative that enables to transmit mould and machine gathered data through simple installation and major signal coverage.

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Advanced Predictive System (APS)

The advanced predictive system (APS) processes and manages the data coming from the DAS through the wireless network (WCN) to predict and optimise the injection moulding process. The predictions and recommendations produced by the APS are stored in a centralised server called the content management system (CMS) for the future analysis and sent to the mobile app of the location based content delivery via a standard wireless network.

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Location Based Content Delivery (LBCD)

The Location Based Content Delivery (LBCD) is the interactive component of the PREVIEW system.

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Take a look into the system with this video!