Location Based Content Delivery

Location Based Content Delivery

The Location-based content delivery (LBCD) module automatically delivers useful machine information to the operator’s portable device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). Once the operator receives this data, it can be acted upon and the injection machine parameters fine-tuned to improve the efficiency of the production process (both in setup and production periods).

The LBCD was designed so that the delivery of the data is not triggered by a user request, but instead is prompted by the user’s location with respect to the machine floor. This way, the LBCD is capable of delivering to the user information that is related to the closest injection machine (-or point of interest, POI-) on previously defined location limits with the use of Bluetooth recognition beacons.

The following narrative describe the use of these three components within the PREVIEW framework: first, the location determination module periodically delivers the calculated positions to the mobile app; the app then takes them as an input to perform the geo-fencing. In the situation that a presence in a geofence zone is detected, this triggers the request of the corresponding content to the CMS. Benefits of the LBCD are:

 • High positioning accuracy (expressed in a 3 coordinate system x,y,z, where z is the floor coordinate)
 • Real-time and instantaneous data delivery
 • Scalability to large numbers of portable devices
 • App compatibility for a wide range of smartphones and tables
 • Location determination is based on wireless signals rather than on satellite systems, which is suitable for indoor use

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