PREVIEW’s Mobile App

User Interface

The LBCD system is in charge of automatically delivering useful machine information such as production statistics and machine manuals to the user’s portable device so that he/she can tune the injection machine to improve the efficiency of the production process both in setup and production.

1 – Locate

Determines the location of the user in real time, gives them access to predetermined geofence zones and download of location-based data by combining wifi nodes and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons strategically installed at the manufacturing site to establish a communication network

2 – Sites

Serves to specify the current location area

3 – Machines

Offers the possibility of manually selecting a machine to retrieve its information (e.g. model details, process statistics and alerts)

4 – Alerts

Notifies the user when a process or part quality inconsistency is detected

5 – Profile

Displays user information