PREVIEW: Final Video

Watch PREVIEW’s final video on the wireless technological solution to control and optimise injection mooulding. Find out how PREVIEW can benefit the injection moulding industry!

PREVIEW: Overview

A Look into the System

PREVIEW: Benefits to the Industry

PREVIEW’s Project Coordinator Jesús Pablo González Villodres from consortium partner Eurecat explains the many benefits of PREVIEW to the injection moulding and manufacturing industry.

Advanced Predictive System – Interview

Francesc Bonada, R&D Project Manager at Eurecat Centre Tecnològic de Catalunya tells us about the PREVIEW Advanced Predictive System and how it forms the overall part of the PREVIEW concept.

PREVIEW: Setup Predictive System

A real-time demonstration of PREVIEW in a functioning factory.

Industrial Wireless Network

Find out about PREVIEW’s novel transmission protocol.

Wireless Communication Network – Interview

Roman Naumann, Researcher from Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, tells us about PREVIEW’s Industrial Wireless Network

Location Based Content Delivery

End User Interviews

How does PREVIEW benefit the end user? This is just one of the questions PREVIEW partners answer.

Benefits and the APS System

Tom Wagemakers, Researcher & Innovator from Promolding BV, tells us about having the PREVIEW system installed at their company and some of the benefits of using the system.