The Partners

Logo_Eurecat_Eng Eurecat is the Technology Centre of Catalonia. Providing the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise, it offers solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment. the range of services offered by the centre are primarily focused on: applied R&D, technological services, information technology consulting, highly specialised training, product and service development and promotion and distribution of technological
Smithers Rapra Plastia is an engineering company that provides innovative solutions in the field of information technology. Since its establishment in 2000 it has been involved in the research and development of knowledge engineering tools. It offers conceptualisation and industrialisation of high tech products as well as collaborative environments for concurrent engineering and project
TNO IRIS improves production processes and product quality with custom solutions in the fields of advanced monitoring, automation, data mining, surface activation, decontamination, advanced materials and waste valorisation. It is an international technology transfer company that combines solid background in science and research, with an engineering capacity to bring a dynamic and competitive edge to its industrial clients from the agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other key
Archimedes Humboldt University is a major public research university with currently ca. 35,000 students. It was selected as a University of Excellence by the German federal government’s Excellence Initiative in 2012. The Computer Engineering group at Humboldt University, headed by Prof. Björn Scheuermann, focusses on computer and communication network protocol design and IT security. The optimal interplay between the many-faceted components in complex IT/network systems is often at the centre of the group’s attention. The group is and has been active in many projects, ranging from foundational research to industry-driven technology transfer. In PREVIEW, Humboldt University’s focus is on the wireless sensor network used to continuously acquire process data from the machines and moulds and involves its Computer Engineering group, which is part of the Institute of Computer
PPG Smithers Rapra and Smithers Pira Ltd is accepted as a world leading rubber, plastic and composite consultancy delivering a comprehensive and strictly independent service covering testing, analysis, processing, consultancy and research for the polymer industry and end-user industries such as Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Consumer and
Comfil Promolding is an innovative company that creates industrialised products from high performance polymer technology. Promolding combines product development, injection moulding, tool making and research. This enables Promolding to offer its customers the whole sequence from product development, via (new) materials and process development, to manufacturing, supported by a wide variety of people: industrial designers, mechanical engineers, project managers, polymer researchers, process technologists, toolmakers and injection moulders. The company is involved in markets such as aerospace, medical devices and high-tech systems and continues to be involved in numerous national and EU-funded research
Loiretech Pro-Form Ltd. is privately owned by shareholders from Hungary and has a history of over 30 years in processing thermoplastic materials. The company began by using vacuum moulding technology and now uses four basic technologies of the plastic industry as a result of responding to their customers’ needs. These include pressure forming, vacuum forming, extrusion and injection moulding. One of their major objectives is to offer complex services to their customers, by providing not only the basic thermoplast technologies, but also by making available their services in the major support
Coriolis MPT Plastica SRL has over 30 years of experience in plastic injection tooling and molding. The company consists of two main areas comprising tooling and injection molding. The tooling workshop and new production area which has 22 injection molding presses, allow adjustments and modifications to the mold in the shortest time possible. MPT is production and client orientated and is able to offer cost effective and quality