Trialling the Demonstration Phase at End User Sites

During the summer 2017, the PREVIEW system was installed, tested and validated at the facilities of four end users: MPT, PROMOLDING, PROFORM and SRSP. At each demonstrator, the performances of the system were measured following a methodology previously defined by the consortium. Assessing the performance of the subsystems and of the whole system in four real industrial scenarios has been a challenge as the requirements, system specifications and facilities varied from one end-user to the other.

At the four demonstrations, the whole PREVIEW system was successfully installed and the four subsystems correctly communicated with each other and worked all together to form only one PREVIEW system. The end users could finally have access on their smartphones/tablets to all the useful process information provided by the PREVIEW system such as alerts, setup predictions, production and quality control and other static machine information.

The demonstration phase has been an essential step of the PREVIEW project to greatly improve the functioning of each subsystem and to make the PREVIEW system even more performant.


Figure 1: PREVIEW demonstration taking place at a) MPT, b) PROMOLDING, c) PROFORM and d) Smithers Rapra