Welcome to PREVIEW (April 2015)

Welcome to the first blog of the PREVIEW project which will appear as a regular feature on the project website.

Plastics manufacturing

Over the last few years the injection moulding process in the plastics sector has changed due to increased requirements for diversity and personalisation.  This has led to the need for a more flexible mould which can be used in different types of machine.  Another issue is the fact that short production runs require a high number of mould changes which leads to an increase in downtime and scrap.  In fact, scrap produced during the set up phase accounts for 40% overall.

Although attempts have been made to improve productivity by using process parameters and statistical process control systems based on data acquired from sensors inside the mould, fewer than 3% of new moulds are equipped with these sensors.  Reluctance to use such sensors is mainly due to anticipated cost increases related to wiring, proprietary interfaces and external devices.

PREVIEW can help resolve these issues.

Preview (PREdictive System to Recommend Injection Mould Setup) has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.  The project aims to provide the injection moulding industry with a process control system which will result in a reduction in mould set up time, a reduction in scrap and energy consumption and an increase in productivity and flexibility.

In short, PREVIEW is a middleware solution that facilitates easy, ubiquitous, holistic and fast sharing of product and process information across the entire injection production process.

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